Silo / sand silo

The silo has no stairway and railings, since there are no elements subject to preventive maintenance on the roof. Similarly, the base of the silo is built on a skirt-like structure, which makes the unit a unique, clean and environmentally friendly one.

  • Cylindrical support structure with flap and locked door.
  • Safe filling with vent valves and flow meter.
  • Digital display of percentage level or Kg. cubed.
  • Secured manual valve to extract sand at will.
  • Ventilation filter with 50 L tub for collecting fines.
  • General measurements Ø 2,250 x 7,500 mm high.

We have made sand silos of capacities 750 cuft, 1500 cuft and more.

These are very stable and long lasting units. The inlet and outlet ports are 3 inch Weco connections.

These are designed for optimum discharge.